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Triple Twister Tournament Details

1 – Go to

2 – Click the “Play Now” button

3 – Create an account. Note: If you are a winner in the slot tournament your payment will be sent to you via PayPal at the address you entered when you created your account. So be sure to use a valid Pay Pal address when registering.

4 – Download and install the Las Vegas USA Casino software.

5 – Accept the “Terms & Conditions”.

6 – Login to the Las Vegas USA Casino by entering the user name and password that you previously created.

7 – On the upper menu bar click “Tournaments”.

8 – You will need to install “Microsoft Silverlight” for the slot tournament to work properly. A screen will automatically appear asking if you want to download it.

9 – Create an alias for the leader board. When you are finished playing you can look at the leader board to check your standing in the tournament. You should create an alias so that your real user name is not shown on the leader board.

10 – Look at the list of available tournament names to find your tournament. Click on it and then enter the tournament password.

11 – Click the buy-in button (the buy-in is free).

12 – Play the free tournament and have fun!

13 – When finished, check the leader board to see your overall standing in the tournament. Remember to look for your alias and not your real user name.

14 – You may play again, up to a total of three times in each tournament. Good luck!