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Welcome to We created this site for slot machine enthusiasts to have fun playing in slot tournaments without requiring any entry fees!

And, who are we? Well, since 1992 we have been publishing an annual guide book to all U.S. casino/resorts, riverboats and Indian casinos. We also publish that information on our website at

Besides compiling that casino information, we also like to gamble in casinos ourselves and we have a YouTube channel with more than 35 million views where we post videos about the best strategies for playing all casino games, plus we offer tips for getting the most value on your visits to the casinos, and we also have a series of great interviews with other gambling experts! Visit our YouTube channel, here –

One of our favorite activities at casinos is playing in slot tournaments. They are always fun to play in because they offer fast-paced excitement and, best of all, they are usually free. This means that you can win a nice cash prize without risking any money!

So, we decided to create this site to allow slot machine enthusiasts to participate in these fun slot tournaments for FREE! We hope you enjoy playing in these tournaments and that you will come back each week to try your luck in each week’s events. Hopefully, you will be one of the lucky winners of a cash prize.

Just look below to see the list of current and upcoming FREE slot tournaments. Then, just click on the link to get more details on each of those tournaments. Please note that there is no purchase needed to participate in any of our FREE slot tournaments and you must be 18, or older, to participate. Good luck!

And, one last thing, please note that down the right-hand side of this page you will see offers for some great “no deposit casino bonuses” we offer at our other website Be sure to check them out as none of them require you to deposit any money, nor to enter any credit card information. Thanks!